Getting Older and Feeling Younger

At CLI Miami most of our patients are older women although we have a fair share and welcome men and younger women too. These women all report that of course they’re getting older but they’re feeling younger. The number one recommendation is that people follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Exercising gives the brain a boost and increases your mood and that equals more energy. When you exercise regularly it improves your posture and the skin will be tighter. Your body is going to look more aesthetic also.

Supplement or Replacement

All the treatments that are done with us are to be a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and not to replace any of the above. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is also essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Fun in the Sun

Going out in the sun can be good too for Vitamin D and other factors, but in Miami that is something to be careful of. Too much sun can be hurtful and affect your skin negatively and even lead to skin cancer. Everyone wants to be tanner but that isn’t always good.

Getting Beachy

In Miami, you’re definitely going to be going to the beach and there’s a great treatment for you there! If you get the wet sand and rub it on your skin it’s great for exfoliation and smoothing the skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin too. You can rub it all over the body and scrub very good. Don’t forget to scrub and rub the oily parts of your skin like your face. The forehead and the nose will get great results from this. Just try it out next time you go to the beach. Feel your forehead, nose, and shoulders before and after and you’ll be shocked. Go into the water and reach down for some sand and do it with a partner to help get your back too.


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