Office Furniture Design Remodeled with Vintage Furniture

We are in a state of transition from our old office and we have found an incredible furniture store that has helped us to get new furniture for our office and our waiting room for our patients. We try so hard not to make our patients wait long before they get treated but we made sure to get the most comfortable furniture for the times when you do sit down and wait for one of our specialists to treat you.

So many offices have the most uncomfortable chairs to sit in that your back starts to hurt. We appreciate all the business that comes to us so want you to really feel that love when you come in. We don’t want our patients to be uncomfortable before they come in for their appointment.

The waiting room has a sofa, loveseat, and a chair all from Ashley Furniture (the #1 brand of furniture).

We got all our furniture from Big Box Furniture including the cocktail and end tables, and our office chairs for the staff. If you are ever shopping for furniture in Miami make sure to pay a visit to them or you can just shop on the website online and never have to leave your house.

We’re still in the process of remodeling the entire office and making sure that it looks fantastic. We don’t want a cheap looking office because our clients aren’t and neither are we. Miami is all about the style and fashion and we want to do our part to make everyone feel fabulous and glamorous when they visit us.

The customers that we service are mainly coming for their aesthetics so of course we want our office to be aesthetically pleasing too. You could say that the office itself has gotten a face lift.

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